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Special Needs

Every child needs routine dental care, but patients with special needs, sensory issues and behavioral problems can find the dental office a challenging or frightening place to be. We feel patients with special needs can benefit from the special touch of Pediatric Dentistry. At Dover Pediatric Dentistry, we have the resources to help your child gain confidence and feel comfortable in the dental chair.

Special needs can present in various ways in the dental chair. Sometimes, patients have difficulty tolerating the sensation of the toothbrush bristles or the taste of toothpaste. Other patients sometimes have difficulty even opening to allow an exam. Some patients have very limited diets that can be high in sugar and acid. The Dover Pediatric Dentistry Team is trained to partner with parents to make a plan to help our patients become more comfortable in the dental office.

Our office staff is trained to facilitate positive experiences for all patients, including those with special needs. We sometimes offer multiple, more frequent appointments to allow the child to get to know our staff and office better, and to become familiarized with the dental appointment routines. We also offer “practice” visits, where the child is given a tour of the office, gets introduced to equipment and instruments, and can ask questions one on one with Dr. Ganesh.

Patients with special needs are often at a higher risk for cavities and dental disease due to difficulty with oral care at home and difficulty receiving care in the dental office. It is imperative children with special needs be seen routinely by a Pediatric Dentist in order to intercept and prevent dental disease.